This analysis is based on the 15-dimensional metaphysical anatomy of Keylontic Morphogenetic Physics, the spiritual-science which deals with the totality of each distinct, yet intricately interdependent aspects of the Self.

Each SHADOW ASPECT is a representation of electro-magnetic imbalances in one of the 15 frequency bands. There’s no right or wrong aspect of the Self, as we all have the capacity to embody all of listed Shadow archetypes at one point in our lives. 

Keylontic Science differentiates between a ‘Body’ [manifest-materialiased physical and non-physical matter form] and a ‘Template’ [the scalar-wave grids which determine  the qualities of the Bodies]. Universes, galaxies, stars, planets, animals, plants, objects or people each have their own Template which filters the infinity of Source Energy to create an individuated & differentiated form. You are one of the individuated forms of Infinite Living Consciousness.

Your Template sets a specific mathematical order for Your energetic Bodies, how to receive and transmit Life Force Currents. Like a recipe that tells You how much and when and how, in order to get the exact result You want. From a physics point of view, Shadow simply means ‘reverse coding’ — the electro-magnetic frequencies are running out-of-sequence or fully in a reverse mathematical order. From Source’s standpoint, there’s nothing morally wrong or shameful about Shadow aspects, they’re just simply not going to give You the results which are built into Your Original Design.

This questionnaire is not a 'personality test' that gives You a psychological profile, rather it's the momentary assessment of Your mental-emotional-spiritual balance. Your answers may change each time You return to this analysis, based on which aspect of Your Self needs the most attention right now. There’s no need to think about ‘the right response of the person You wish to be’; You get the most accurate and helpful feedback if You answer with radical honesty and vulnerability. The feedback is for You, not for anyone else, so let’s see the unedited version of who You are right now!









Hello Gorgeous,

As a Mindful Intimacy Catalyst for filmmakers & creatives, i'm an eclectic amalgam of 10 years in storytelling, filmmaking and advertising, 24 years in spiritual science through sexual Mind/Body/Spirit practices and my very recent deep-dive into morphogenetic field physics, which gives a hard-core scientific structure to all the woo-woo i've been experimenting with.


In my energetic practices, as well as my artwork, i'm using a Base-12 scalar wave system, which helps You to recall Your truly sovereign potential, encoded in Your original DNA-template. Through my own spiritual evolution, i've been practicing sacred sexuality waaay before i consciously understood what i was doing. My deeply intimate relationship with the purely creative sexual energy has enabled me to explore unconventional states of consciousness and body-awareness.

In my view, we humans have narrative-based relationships with the Self & everyone else. Our belief-system & emotional musculature becomes a template for the role we play in life. When we learn to master our mental & emotional states, we instantly gain power to craft a relationship with the Self that allows us to embody the role[s] we're grateful to experience and proud to share.

As Storytellers & Storysellers, we have the humbling responsibility to influence billions of relationships worldwide. My passion is in working with creative doers, makers & shakers, to find their deepest essence & highest purpose. Building a Soul-fulfilling intimate relationship with the Self, opens up the space for authentic, revolutionary & heart-centred Stories to come to the light of day and find a global audience.

If You are up for crafting the extraordinary together -- get in touch!

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