Well, my being certainly evolved compared to the version of me who started the course. Could say it was a frequency upgrade and I do understand, sense, feel more than I did before the course. Alex is highly intelligent with a diamond mix of emotional and logical understanding and she has a skill for manoeuvring through tough topics in humorous, storytelling, entertaining way. There is no naivety to it but there is sincere kindness. Awesome. Along with the more fun stuff, explaining what being intimate with someone or with myself means, this course also touches upon the unfortunate side of energy syphoning and gives tools against the trickery that is going on with the sexual energies and explains why/how it is happening. Very useful. -- T.T

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It was quite a transformational 2 months for me, connecting more with my emotions, removing shame about sexuality, understanding deeper structures of our being and how the energy dynamics on the planet are playing out in the world. I’m more at peace to explore my sexual energy further and how to utilize it in proper ways. What the porn industry is doing how our energy is being used without our conscious knowing, and what we can do instead. Thank you for sharing your stories and creating this environment for us to dive into topics that are unfortunately quite hidden at the moment! -- D.S.

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Wow... just wow! Thank you so much for  sharing the healing technique. I've had pain in my pelvic floor for years, sex was really painful and I started to avoid being intimate with my husband and pushing him away. All of a sudden I saw that it was all emotional, I wasn't allowing anyone anyone to get close to me. I was still that little girl who didn't want to get hurt. And I was so angry with my husband, but really he just wants to help. Thank you for this course, I see how sensitive my body is, and it still remembers everything I wanted to forget. It's good to feel myself again and really precious to build a new relationship with my body. You're a gem. -- M.T.







STEP 1 | Keep Touching Yourself

STEP 1 | Keep Touching Yourself