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STEP 6 | Enjoy The Scenic Route

STEP 6 | Enjoy The Scenic Route


Chasing orgasms can lead to terribly unimaginative, one-dimensional, empty and transactional sex. Now... You’re talking to a lady who can have an orgasm every 3-5 minutes for hours on end, yet i’m still advocating quality over quantity.


We can experiment, play, enjoy, elongate, tease, please, and get very present to our bodies through our breath, & once we got familiar with the many-many Light Cells of our anatomy, we tried a couple different ways to breath them together, generating different combinations of currents.


Finally, we went through a practice to unlock & gently activate Your 9-dimensional Antahkarana Kundalini frequencies.


Highlights: premature ejaculation, anorgasmia, presence, heightened senses, breathwork, 9D Antahkarana Kundalini activation, Elemental Co-creation

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