STEP 5 | Divorce Fantasy, Marry Reality

An un-photoshopped, living-breathing human body in the midst of a soul-shaking orgasm looks and feels nothing like what we’ve seen in the media, in porn or even in our heads. Our ideas about sex, intimacy, partnership, orgasms, pleasure, [or the lack thereof] are heavily manipulated by industries that are benefitting from our scarcity.


We went off on a little tangent and had a loooong, unabashed roll call on all Beings / Entities / Institutions / Myths / Movements / Celebrities whose energies are deeply interlinked with the darkest of energies out there.


But we also started with a quick Maharic Seal protection shield, which is very useful in every interaction nowadays...


Highlights: porn, technology, sexual fantasies, psychology and neuroscience, loneliness

STEP 5 | Divorce Fantasy, Marry Reality




    Hello Gorgeous,

    As a Mindful Intimacy Catalyst, i'm an eclectic amalgam of 10 years in storytelling, filmmaking & advertising, 24 years of sexual Mind/Body/Spirit practices and my very recent deep-dive into Quantum Morphogenetic Physics, which gives a hard-core spiritual-scientific structure to all the intuitive knowledge i've been experimenting with.


    In my energetic practices, i'm using the Base-12 scalar wave system of Keylontic Science, which helps You to reCALL and reMEMBER Your truly sovereign potential, encoded in Your original DNA-template. Through my own spiritual evolution, i've been practicing sacred sexuality waaaaay before i consciously understood what i was doing. My deeply intimate relationship with the purely creative orgasmic energy has enabled me to explore unconventional states of consciousness and body-awareness.

    In my view, we humans have narrative-based relationships with the Self & everyone else. Our belief-system & emotional musculature becomes a Template or a Script for the role we play in life. When we learn to master our mental & emotional states, we instantly gain power to craft a relationship with the Self that allows us to embody the role[s] we're grateful to experience and proud to share.

    If You are up for crafting the extraordinary together -- get in touch!

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