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STEP 5 | Divorce Fantasy, Marry Reality

STEP 5 | Divorce Fantasy, Marry Reality


An un-photoshopped, living-breathing human body in the midst of a soul-shaking orgasm looks and feels nothing like what we’ve seen in the media, in porn or even in our heads. Our ideas about sex, intimacy, partnership, orgasms, pleasure, [or the lack thereof] are heavily manipulated by industries that are benefitting from our scarcity.


We went off on a little tangent and had a loooong, unabashed roll call on all Beings / Entities / Institutions / Myths / Movements / Celebrities whose energies are deeply interlinked with the darkest of energies out there.


But we also started with a quick Maharic Seal protection shield, which is very useful in every interaction nowadays...


Highlights: porn, technology, sexual fantasies, psychology and neuroscience, loneliness

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