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STEP 3 | Know Your Worth

STEP 3 | Know Your Worth


Food, sex & self-esteem are intimately interconnected and our definition of 'love' determines whether we're thriving or surviving. If we are running the script that 'love hurts' and 'there's no pleasure without pain', the way we nourish our bodies with mental-emotional-physical-energetic food will clearly reflect our pain-ridden internal value system.


i still have a quite addicted relationship with food. It wasn't too long ago when i could make 2 tubs of mint-chocolate chip ice cream disappear in the blink of an eye... i'm learning. i'm getting there and i'm uncovering and rewriting my own stubborn fear-based scripts, even if i gotta do it line by line. Body-image issues are heartbreakingly rampant amongst all genders, age groups and cultures. The storytelling and storyselling industries are doing a great damage to our self-esteem, self-respect and our ability to connect without wanting to possess.


We talked about how to liberate our bodies from the destructive messages we’ve absorbed since childhood, how to express the unadulterated version of You and how to generate high-quality quanta in Your biofield that protects You from harmful influences.


Highlights: body-image, male & female insecurities, eating disorders, TaKEYon superluminal quantum generation

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