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STEP 2 | Feel Naked

STEP 2 | Feel Naked


Emotional vulnerability is the tough but absolutely necessary groundwork for unlocking Your full sexual potential. Physical nudity is the most vulnerable setting the body can be in, yet for some reason it’s much more uncomfortable to lower our guard than to drop our garments.


We deep-dived into the psychology & physical manifestation of trauma, trapped emotions and stubborn muscle memory. Touched upon how to co-create with Your Elementals through Your dimension-2 Elemental/Emotional Body & we went through a brief excercise to establish a respectful relationship with any 'pain' [mental / emotional / physical] that You might carry in Your biofield. That respect will serve as the very first step for wholistic, DNA-level healing & frequency bio-regenesis.


Highlights : vulnerability, trauma, emotional freedom, elemental co-creation

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