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SHADOW iNTEGRATiON - Emotional Healing through Morphogenetic Science
  • SHADOW iNTEGRATiON - Emotional Healing through Morphogenetic Science

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    This book is the result of Your requests after filling out the Shadow Integration questionnaire, asking for more and more detail.


    When i started, i thought it would be a few pages of explanation, but the feeling of 'i've said everything i could about Emotional Wellbeing' only hit me 160 pgs later.


    'Shadows' are electromagnetic reversals in Your 15-dimensional biofield, running distorted frequencies compared to Source's perpetual movement eternal life creation mechanics.


    There's no right or wrong morality, we all have the full capacity to embody each and every Shadow Character i listed, so there's no need for vigilante ghostbusting in order to 'get rid of' any unwanted traits, habits or thinking patterns. Shadow Integration is simply a way for You to be more of YourSelf, live Your life in joy, peace, pleasure and have free will & free agency over Your emotional responses.


    Marrying Keylontic Morphogenetic Science with my preceding studies in neuroscience, biochemistry, NLP, psychology, and my own emotional work, i created this free Shadow Integration questionnaire as an intersection to help You in Your quest of remembering who You truly are.


    i have analysed teachings & techniques from a number of Keylontic workshops, such as —


    the Kathara workshops

    the Eternal Virtues of KaLA’

    the Victim/Victimiser Game

    the Shadow Body Witness Questionnaire

    the Sliders workshops

    the 12 Attitudes and Responsibilities

    [all © E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas — ARhAyas Productions] 

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