Intimate Self-expression [4x sessions]

Sexual energy is the most vitalising, reviving and purely creative energy Your body is capable of transmitting. It is the essence which gives us life itself.


The sessions are designed to help You clear any trauma, neglect, limiting belief or negative imprint on a cellular level, so that Your muscle memory eases into its original state of safety, health and wellbeing.


Changing Your relationship to Your body bridges the gap between words and actions. You'll regain Your full power to act on Your intentions and follow-through with what You set out to do. No more self-sabotaging patterns.


How exactly?


The very first step is radical honesty. We're surfacing every thought and feeling You've been holding onto about sexuality, Your body, Your relationships and YOU as a sexual being. Which in itself is an epicly confident step!


Once we identified what hasn't been working so far and outlined Your desired Life Story, we'll build a new template for Your relationships, based on kindness, abundance, ease, peace and harmony. Aaaaaand a lot of pleasure.


You'll have a blueprint for how to nurture Your own body and how to relate to Your partner [or future partner] in ways You've always wanted.


Step into the Story that You're grateful to experience and proud to share!

Intimate Self-expression [4x sessions]




    Hello Gorgeous,

    As a Mindful Intimacy Catalyst, i'm an eclectic amalgam of 10 years in storytelling, filmmaking & advertising, 24 years of sexual Mind/Body/Spirit practices and my very recent deep-dive into Quantum Morphogenetic Physics, which gives a hard-core spiritual-scientific structure to all the intuitive knowledge i've been experimenting with.


    In my energetic practices, i'm using the Base-12 scalar wave system of Keylontic Science, which helps You to reCALL and reMEMBER Your truly sovereign potential, encoded in Your original DNA-template. Through my own spiritual evolution, i've been practicing sacred sexuality waaaaay before i consciously understood what i was doing. My deeply intimate relationship with the purely creative orgasmic energy has enabled me to explore unconventional states of consciousness and body-awareness.

    In my view, we humans have narrative-based relationships with the Self & everyone else. Our belief-system & emotional musculature becomes a Template or a Script for the role we play in life. When we learn to master our mental & emotional states, we instantly gain power to craft a relationship with the Self that allows us to embody the role[s] we're grateful to experience and proud to share.

    If You are up for crafting the extraordinary together -- get in touch!

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    The techniques used during coaching sessions are not to be considered a substitute for traditional medical care. As such, any statements made are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness, and in no way should the information presented be considered a substitute for competent medical care by Your physician or other healthcare professional. If You are currently under the care of any health care provider, it is recommended that You continue to follow all treatments prescribed for You. If You believe that You have significant health issues or are in need of medical care, it is recommended that You consult a doctor as soon as possible.