If You ask the search-engine-that-shall-not-be-named ‘what is sexual transmutation’ You’ll see a first page full of blogposts and videos of a similar kind — glorifying such poppycock like #NoFap, semen retention, and sexual abstinence in order to achieve greater creativity, success at work, possibly even financial gains. They’re all regurgitating Chapter 11 of Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich”, written in 1937, a mere decade before ‘wifebeaters’ became fashionable.


Transmutation simply means ‘a change in form, nature, or substance’. After 25 years of building and nurturing an ever-deepening relationship with the Sexual Energy itself, i find it very dismissive and unthoughtful to try to make the best of this profoundly powerful force by converting it from the physical expression to a cerebral motivation.


I personally transmute the orgasmic energy, not by tiptoeing around it, but by going through it — exploring it at its depth, forming an intimate relationship with it and in the moment, while experiencing the deepest ecstasy, i channel it to areas of my life that could use some creative inspiration and some extra oomph.


If You’re with me on this, then let’s ditch NoFap, say goodbye to joyless orgasms, move past frustration, deprivation, fear, anger, shame and let’s discover how You can maximise the most potent, deliciously blissful and most intensely healing energy that the human body is capable of generating.

We gather online, twice a week [Wednesdays and Saturdays] for 3 weeks in January and 3 weeks in February 2021, to deep dive into this rapturously unorthodox 12-step program on how to use Your sexual energy to its fullest capacity.


Each 90-min gathering will give an opportunity for those who are joining live to ask questions and share their experience, while the recordings of each session will be available for everyone who signed up for either that specific session or the entire program.





    Hello Gorgeous,

    As a Mindful Intimacy Catalyst, i'm an eclectic amalgam of 10 years in storytelling, filmmaking & advertising, 24 years of sexual Mind/Body/Spirit practices and my very recent deep-dive into Quantum Morphogenetic Physics, which gives a hard-core spiritual-scientific structure to all the intuitive knowledge i've been experimenting with.


    In my energetic practices, i'm using the Base-12 scalar wave system of Keylontic Science, which helps You to reCALL and reMEMBER Your truly sovereign potential, encoded in Your original DNA-template. Through my own spiritual evolution, i've been practicing sacred sexuality waaaaay before i consciously understood what i was doing. My deeply intimate relationship with the purely creative orgasmic energy has enabled me to explore unconventional states of consciousness and body-awareness.

    In my view, we humans have narrative-based relationships with the Self & everyone else. Our belief-system & emotional musculature becomes a Template or a Script for the role we play in life. When we learn to master our mental & emotional states, we instantly gain power to craft a relationship with the Self that allows us to embody the role[s] we're grateful to experience and proud to share.

    If You are up for crafting the extraordinary together -- get in touch!

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