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Bear with me while

i'm rewriting, rerecording, recreating, redesigning, restructuring


The second edition of the SHADOW iNTEGRATiON book is available for pre-order

The Sexual Transmutation course will NOT be available anymore

and is getting a reboot as a 12-part

iNTiMATE EVOLUTiON online course

Everyone who had access to the previous course

will have access to the new course as well

Having learned from my previous shortcomings,

this time around some aspects of the course

will only be available via in-person workshops

The online space is excellent for theoretical info sharing,

but utterly unsuitable for any practical intimacy work

Let me know if You're interested in working together

and i'll let You know when my offerings are ready!

For the foreseeable future,

i'll not be offering any live sessions online

i'm prepping tons of pre-recorded materials

but the only way to work together

will be the in-person workshops in London

Thank You for all the kind words and the patience!

The only reason i'm stepping back into the online space,

after such a long hiatus, is because You asked for it!

Without Your contribution, no change would happen!

Keep sparking each other!

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